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Over the course of a decade, Müjdeci has not only built a celebrated concept store, but a cultural institution with an influential role in the city’s contemporary landscape. 

Though he’s responsible for creating the most cult fashion destination in Berlin, Voo Store founder Yasin Müjdeci has always preferred to stay out of the spotlight. “I’ve spent my life creating things,” he explains, “and it’s always been important to me that they are the focus.” But to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Voo Store, the young entrepreneur has emerged from his typical BTS role to reflect on the pivotal contribution he and Voo have made to Berlin’s fashion landscape. Born and raised in Ankara, Turkey, Müjdeci first came to Berlin when he was 21, to study political science. He expected his stint in the city to be a pitstop before ultimately settling in Paris, but, as many expat-stories go, he fell in love with Berlin. “When I used to think of Germany, I thought of lederhosen and Oktoberfest. I had no idea how different Berlin was from the rest of the country.”

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